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WRNL Selects a New Football Entrance Song: #2 vs #3 Semifinal

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Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

With pool voting complete, we now move into the semifinals. But with a bit of a twist explained below. The four pool winners were seeded based on how well they dominated their competition in the early rounds, and the #2 and #3 seeds are up for your judgement today.

However, yesterday we had a bit of an issue where we thought we were getting hit by bots voting for Screaming for Silence and deleted them from the polling. But upon further investigation found that the article had been linked on the band's facebook page. As a move towards reconciliation we're including their nominated song as a wildcard today.  However, we reserve the right to void any suspicious results. We're talking to you, Putin.

Today two, er, three songs enter. One will move on to Friday's finals. The winner of which will be the new Cyclone Football entrance song*!

#2 Seed: 816 Boyz - Comin Thru

#3 Seed: Slipknot - Pulse of the Maggots

Wildcard: Screaming for Silence - The King Is Crowned

Vote for your favored semifinalist below!

*Note: We sent mix tapes of the four pool winners via overnight registered mail to Campbell and each member of the coaching staff as well as the team captains. But not a single one was signed for and all were returned to sender. Campbell has now filed restraining orders against 8 members of the WRNL staff. Usage of WRNL Entrance Song bracket winner as actual football entrance song is not guaranteed