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The Mid-Morning Dump: T-Rexes, Seals, and DOGRAPTORS

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Oh my!

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Iowa State Football

FAVORED! ISU is favored by a touchdown in the season opener against UNI, according to an offshore betting service.

FIRE UP THE FIREWORKS. It sounds like Jack Trice Stadium will get a little more pyrotechnic this year.

THEIR SHIRTS ARE RED. Here’s the guys that redshirted last year who could make an impact in 2016.

FOCUS ON TURNOVERS. A big part of turning around the program begins with winning the turnover margin.

THE ANSWER: EVERYWHERE. Dylan Montz sizes up where Allen Lazard will be used this season.

KILL’S A CAMPBELL FAN. What did Jerry Kill admire deeply while game planning? Offensive coordinator Matt Campbell’s offense.

LOOK OUT FOR JONES. True freshman Deshaunte Jones might end up playing his way onto the field.

THIS MEANS WE’RE SMART... RIGHT? Check out this stat:

Around the Country

FANTASY FOOTBALL NUTS REJOICE. The mothership has released their 2016 fantasy football draft guide. Use it to win all your leagues!* *Probably not.

REAL LIFE DINOSAURS! They terrorized the upper deck of the Athletics’ game!

WHAT SPORTS ARE ALL ABOUT. When your father/coach visits the mound to tell you how much he loves you in the Little League World Series.

NEXT GREAT SPORT. Synchronized bottle flipping... Way to go, Brits!

SO METAL. Take these new Raptors uniforms (feat. DOGRAPTORS) your next Slayer concert.

DERRICK ROSE: ANALYST. Rose claims the Knicks have a chance to win every game on their schedule. He’s technically right.

WHEN ALL ELSE FAILS... A seal went to drastic measures to avoid becoming an Orca’s lunch.