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The Mid-Morning Dump: All Video Everything!

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Sometimes words are hard, so here’s some video to help.

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Iowa State Football

THIS IS HOW WE DO IT. Matt Campbell has a blueprint on how to turn things around at Iowa State and that blueprint will hopefully build a stiff upper lip culture that fans like 52 Trap want to see.

MYERS WILL START, TRIBUNE WILL NOT. Media availability yesterday revealed that Mitchell Myers is skyrocketing up the depth chart, Tribune is practicing but won’t play against UNI and Leath is not practicing.

HANDIN’ OUT THE SCHOLLIES. Friend of the Natty, Josh Jahlas and fellow WOPA alum and life saver, Jack Spreen have been placed on scholarship by Matt Campbell.

KAGAVI BACK. Those who love debating the intricacies of uniforms are sure to love this piece.

CFTV. With little depth at offensive line, hear Patrick Scoggins explain how he’s learned to step up and play nasty, and plans to deliver knockouts.

DMRTV. Here you can watch Tommy Birch and Randy Peterson talk about the upcoming season.

THE VIDEO MAGICIAN. We all love the new videos coming out of the football program, so learn a little more about one of the important students behind the scenes.

SPEAKING OF THE VIDEOS. Let’s have a little look shall we?

Iowa State Basketball

FEAZELL COMMITS. Mississippi forward, KeyShawn Feazell committed to Iowa State yesterday and Iowa State’s 2017 recruiting class jumped to 16th nationally.

LEWIS GETS A BUMP. Yesterday was scouting service ranking drop day, and as of Thursday, August 25th Iowa State has the highest rated commit in the Big 12 with Terrence Lewis debuting at 59.

NEXT UP. Might PG Darius McNeill be next? The smooth lefty Texan visits on September 2nd.

Around the Country

THIS IS MURDER . This 2018 FOOTBALL recruit is doing things like this on a basketball hoop.

HATERS GONNA HATE. Remember when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers drafter FSU kicker Roberto Aguayo in the second round of the NFL Draft? Well he stinks.

RANK YOUR MOOD BEFORE AND AFTER THIS. I read this piece about ranking the college football mood in each of the 50 states for a long time before finding the state of Iowa.

MORE LIKE JOEY NO-SA. The Chargers pulled their offer to their first round pick, and now his camp is firing back.

KOBE BRYANT DAY. Los Angeles celebrated Kobe Bryant Day yesterday, which is officially his most meaningful recognition since his playing career effectively ended in 2013.

OLD PEOPLE DOING THINGS. Albert Pujols and David Ortiz, two old baseball players, hit historic home runs yesterday and that’s pretty cool.

PROUD MINNESOTA MOMENT. Duke the dog was almost unanimously elected Mayor of Cormorant, Minnesota (shame on the dude who voted for his girlfriend instead), but he’s not the first or most interesting animal elected mayor in the US. Introducing WRNL’s spirit animal, the late Mayor Clay Henry III, beer drinking goat from Lajitas, Texas.