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WRNL Selects a New Football Entrance Song: The Finals

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Not present: Smoke On The Water.

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

This is it, the final poll of the series where we allowed you, the intrepid WRNL reader, to select the new Cyclone football entrance song*. We started last week with a call for suggestions and received several dozen possibilities. Now, four pools, two semifinals, a brush with Russian hackers, and several thousand votes later, we're down to just two songs.

Without further ado, your finalists are:

816 Boyz - Comin Thru

AC/DC - Thunderstruck

Vote below for which song you support as the new official Cyclone Football Entrance Song! And if you don't like either of them, vote anyway, but leave a comment letting us know what the team should use instead.

*Note: We sent a confused Wally Burnham in to the Bergstrom complex with a note pinned to his chest explaining the finalists and asking the coaching staff to come vote, but instead of reading they just ruffled his hair and sent him off to join his emergency contact in Arkansas. Campbell has now filed restraining orders against every member of the WRNL staff. Usage of WRNL Entrance Song bracket winner as actual football entrance song is not guaranteed.