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The Mid-Morning Dump - Welcome to The Season

The season is nigh with Cal & Hawai'i kicking off in Australia in less than 12 hours!

Iowa State Athletics

FIVE KEYS. Halsted talks about the five keys for Iowa State to have a successful 2016 season on the gridiron.

TALKIN' THE SEASON. Brent Blum joins Chris Williams to talk "off the record" about the Cyclones' season and the what will happen in the rest of the conference.

VOLLEYBALL HAS A SEASON TOO! And it starts this Saturday with the Iowa State Challenge in Hilton Coliseum.

Around the Country

TONIGHT TONIGHT! Cal-Hawai'i. Australia. 9 PM. ESPN. Tonight! The whole thing is weird, but it's not the first college football game outside the United States.

IT'S PERSONAL. An old ode to college football from SBN's Bill Connelly. The first three paragraphs perfectly describe my view on tailgating.

RETURNING PRODUCTION. Some stuff from Connelly that ranks each of the 128 FBS teams by the amount of returning production. Iowa State is...... not at the top.

POLLS, POLLS, POLLS. So the College Football Playoff will release that week's rankings on Election Night. People can argue about Iowa being #5 again and completely ignore the future of our country!

WISE CHOICE. Tim Beckman was brought on as a volunteer assistant at North Carolina, numerous people called it a spade, and Beckman stepped down.

GREATEST EVER. What was your greatest NCAA Football dynasty?

SNES LEGACY. The SNES turns 25 and here are the four spots games that still resonate today.