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WRNL Selects a New Football Entrance Song: The Outcome

You have no one to blame but yourselves.

Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

An eight article series, dozens of suggestions, thousands of votes. And last Friday it came down to the last two possibilities. But wait a second...

Listen, we knew it was easy to cheat, we could see it happening each day. We even did a little of it ourselves (RIP Mr. Belvedere not winning Pool D despite our best efforts). But as with most things involving college sports, the trick isn't to play clean. The trick is to not get caught. And, well, when you end up with votes coming in at a rate of several  hundred a minute, you're basically Auburn paying Cam Newton for his services. So it is with a heavy heart that we announce a double disqualification of both finalists.

With this disqualification we're left with only one option: Leave things as they were. Congratulations Cyclone fans, say hello to your 2016 Cyclone Football Entrance Song!

Now put this on repeat and think about what you've done.