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Cyclones United 2017 The Basketball Tournament Roster

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DeAndre Kane played in and won the 2016 edition of The Basketball Tournament. Would an all-Cyclones team be possible next year?

UCLA v Iowa St X Fizer

While DeAndre Kane was out there earning that money for Overseas Elite in The Basketball Tournament, we were all left to wonder... What would an all-ISU team look like in this format? A few days ago, Marcus Fizer tweeted this out:

Whoa! He’s actually considering this. When he isn’t campaigning to #Hang5 in Hilton Coliseum or lobbying to be the next assistant men’s basketball coach, he must yearn for the chance at reliving the glory days.

Now, the #IowaUnited thing is cute, but let’s keep the Big Four idea for a frigid night in December when all the Iowa fans get to see both their alma mater and their favorite team play.

Without further ado, here is a potential 11 man roster for the 2017 Iowa State TBT team.

Jamaal Tinsley

Another former Cyclone drafted by the Pacers, Tinsley hasn’t played in the NBA since he was released by the Jazz in November of 2013. There is a good chance he is still in decent shape as he tweets about his workouts almost daily.

I’m not sure if he does CrossFit though.

Diante Garrett

Garrett has dabbled in both the NBA and playing overseas since leaving Iowa State. He most recently played for a team in the Israeli Basketball Premier League.

DeAndre Kane

Now his team, the Overseas Elite, has won this ball tournament two years in a row. Would he be willing to leave a winner to join #CyclonesUnited? He already left a team to come to Iowa State once, although Marshall hasn’t been known for doing any winning as of late.

Tyrus McGee

Ah yes, the microwave! McGee most recently played for Vanoli Cremona overseas and the Chicago Bulls summer league team. He still has his stroke, shooting over 45% from downtown in each spot.

There were no defensive metrics available for his time with Vanoli Cremona, which is probably a good thing.

Marcus Fizer

The guy says he wants to play again, so I’ll take his word for it. I’m sure the former lottery pick can still grab some boards and throw down some putbacks. He will have to give up his full-time gig of tweeting excessive hashtags for a few weeks though to chase the ‘ship.

Melvin Ejim

This guy earned the respect of all Cyclone fans when he told BYU fans they were #1. Little did we know he was starting a conference rivalry with our (possibly) soon-to-be Big 12 brethren.

Ejim can still play. He starred on the Canadian National Team that came within a game of playing in Rio.

Royce White

As of a few days ago, White was still balling out in the Twin Cities Pro Am. He wouldn’t have to play point forward, but if they went with the “lineup of death” it could be pretty intimidating. The good news is that there’s about a week’s worth of time in between locations, so he should have plenty of time to drive himself of take a MegaBus.

Craig Brackins

The former first round pick hasn’t played in the NBA since 2012 with the Philadelphia 76ers. I guess he wasn’t part of the #TrustTheProcess movement. He currently keeps his playing chops in shape for a team in China.

Jared Homan

Homan has come a long way since (as legend has it) passing out under a Dodge Stratus in downtown Ames. One of ISU’s all-time biggest bullies in the paint, he still plays in Israel and does quite well. #CyclonesUnited could use him while he is still in playing shape before he retires to herding cattle in Remsen, Iowa.

Chris Babb

Soon to be known as Nick Weiler-Babb’s older brother, Chris spent some time with the Boston Celtics before going overseas to continue his career. Known for his “3 and D” skills on the court, he could provide #CyclonesUnited with a defensive stopper and outside threat.

Fizer better lock him up before he gets selected for the next season of The Bachelor.

Tyler Ellerman

Although he might not merit a full winner’s share (the teams can divide the money how they want), every functional team needs the fan favorite, 20-20 guy. Although he won’t contribute 20 points or 20 boards, he’s guaranteed to give great hustle and grit when his team is either up 20 or down 20.

So, there’s an 11 man roster. How do you think they would perform? Who do you think I left out? Keep in mind, the players I chose can still get up and down the court, so get out of here with that Gary Thompson noise.

Let’s just hope UAB and Hampton aren’t talking about getting a team together.