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The Mid-Morning Dump: Iowa State Scores 83 Points in AP Top 100 College Football Programs

Such a high score!

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Iowa State Football

10 MOST IMPORTANT. Wondering who the 10 most important players are for Iowa State this year? Bobby La Gesse has you covered.

NOT LAST! Iowa State comes in at 83rd overall in the Associated Press’ all-time list of college football programs — tied with powerhouse, Fordham!

Iowa State Basketball

PAY DAY. DeAndre Kane and Overseas Elite won The Basketball Tournament. That means a nice check for Big Daddy.

VIP VISITOR. Terrence Lewis, the 99th best prospect in the country according to 247Sports, will be coming to Ames on an unofficial visit this weekend.

MCKAY DOWN UNDAH. Australia is the next location of Jameel McKay’s basketball career.

Around the Country

HE’S OUT(TA HERE!) Don’t be the kind of fan who the home plate umpire stops the game for to eject from the ballpark...

GOTTA CATCH EM ALL! Playing Pokemon Go at the Olympics proved costly for one gymnast, who racked up a $5,000 bill playing the popular mobile game.

SOUR... THEN SWEET. Joey Votto got pissed at a fan for interfering with a popped-up foul ball. Fortunately, he came back later to give him an autograph too.

AMAZING FIRST PITCH. What’s way better than throwing out the first pitch at a baseball game? Throwing out the first pitch at a baseball game after getting bilateral hand transplants at 8 years old.

NOT THE COMBO PACKAGE. Matt Duffy is headed to Tampa Bay following a trade, but his HUGE cat Skeeter won’t be coming with. Sad face.

GOLFER FIGHT! Nothing like seeing two dudes throw punches at each other on the golf course, especially when the one who instigates the fight offers a handshake to end it after getting his jaw rocked by the other guy.

SPEAR GOAL. This hockey goal doesn’t seem to comply with the laws of physics.

FLAMETHROWER VS. FREEZE RAY. Can you guess which one wins?