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Rutgers Fails To Make AP All-Time Top 85

On Tuesday, the Associated Press released their All-Time Top 100 NCAA Football Programs. In extremely embarrassing fashion, one of the Big Ten's programs came in very low on the rankings.

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, the AP released their All-Time Top 100 NCAA football programs based the following criteria:

  • Weeks in the Top 25 (1 point per)
  • Weeks ranked #1 (1 point per)
  • Count of National Championships (10 points per)
While a number of Big 10 programs performed quite well, their accomplishments were largely overshadowed by the dismal performance of one of the conference's newer members. The AP All-Time poll puts Rutgers University on the outside looking in at the rest of the Top 85.

The Scarlet Knights shamefully rank in 86th place, which is only 12 places above Iowa Pre-Flight, a program that only existed for three seasons. Even football "powerhouse" Fordham, the school famous only for being the sole academic institution named from a combination of a President's name and a type of meat, ranks higher. In fact, the only Power 5 program to rank lower is SEC bottom-feeder Vanderbilt, which is largely excusable because, come on, it's Vanderbilt.

Rutgers University was originally chartered in 1766 -- that's a decade before the United States declared independence. It is the 8th oldest college in the country and has been playing (and sucking) at football for well over half of that time - 147 years to be exact. In that time they have had a few highs, like the undefeated season of 1876,  the NFL career of long-snapper Andrew Depaola, and the surprising fact that they only have a losing record against 6 of the other 13 Big Ten Programs. But largely, there have been lows, lots and lots of lows... So many lows.

Add yesterday's embarrassment, one that drags down the good name of the Big Ten conference with it, as one of it's most disheartening examples of athletic incompetence.