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The Mid-Morning Dump: Mitchell Meyers, the Best Story in College Football

It’s an amazing feat to beat cancer, but to come back and start at defensive end? Absolutely incredible.

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Iowa State Football

MAKE ME PLAY YOU! That is apparently what Matt Campbell told his freshman running backs, and they might have done just that.

FRESHMAN! FRESHMAN! There’s like a million (9) freshman in ISU’s 2-deep’s... What does that mean for the 2016 season?

OF COURSE HE DOES, ITS THE SUPER BOWL! Uncle Randy has a recap of Campbell’s first game week press conference, where he showed plenty of respect to the Pantherhawks.

WE CANNOT BARELY CONTROL BAILEY. Iowa State’s defensive line faces a tough task in their opening game thanks to dual threat QB Aaron Bailey.

BEST STORY IN COLLEGE FOOTBALL. Get used to hearing this in reference to Mitchell Meyers. Though he may not want the spotlight, there’s no downplaying the significance of his return to football.

MORE ON MEYERS. Check out this great article from the AP’s Luke Meredith.

CMC AND LANRAM HANG OUT. Matt Campbell and Joel Lanning used off season film sessions to bond and learn the new offense, those sessions could pay dividends for ISU.

Iowa State Basketball

MONTE MORRIS NUMBA 1. Wanna know which PG you can trust the most running the pick and roll? HINT: He goes to Iowa State.

Around The Country

RIP HARAMBE. Some thoughtful Cincinnati teenagers honored Harambe by dressing up in a gorilla suit and dragging a boy around the football field during a game. RIP.

ADRIAN BELTRE CLOWNING AROUND.. AGAIN. The Ranger’s Adrian Beltre was facing a switch pitcher, so he tried to get a hit by switching his batting helmet around?

A MOMENT FIT FOR A DISNEY MOVIE. You can’t make this stuff up, I swear. Yoenis Cespedes hit a walk-off home run after walking up to The Circle of Life from the Lion King... And a guy wearing a Simba costume caught the home run ball...

BOLDDDDD STRATEGY. No one cares about your fantasy team, but these guys think AP is going to be a bust in 2016... You gonna bet against All Day?

TIM TEBOW NEWS. It very well may be Tebow Time in South America after he got a contract from a Venezuelan team without even working out.


BOSA AND CHARGERS END PISSING MATCH. The Chargers have finally ended the contract dispute with their first round pick, Ohio State’s Joey Bosa.

CARRIE UNDERWOOD ALERT. I shall say no more...