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The Mid-Morning Dump: The Vikings are Cursed

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Just when the Vikings were set to have a great year, life pulls the rug out from under them yet again.

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Iowa State Football

GAMEDAY CENTRAL. The first game is almost here if has set up their Gameday Central page.

SITUATION FLUID. The offensive line might not look as expected against UNI.

FORTUNES CHANGED. How Joel Lanning went from one snap against UNI in the waning moments in 2015 to starting in 2016.

MORE LIKE UNI? Matt Campbell likes the confidence and culture of the Panthers.

BEEN THERE, DONE THAT. Austen Arnaud thinks Joel Lanning has the skills to adapt to the new Cyclones offense.

WHERE TO EAT. If you don’t already have a spot picked out and won’t be in the lots all day, here’s where the DMR recommends you go to eat before Saturday’s game.

Iowa State Basketball

WHOLE BUNCH OF NOTHING. Here’s your Cameron Lard watch "update."

Around the Country

THE VIKINGS CURSE. Starting quarterback for Minnesota, Teddy Bridgewater, went down with a serious knee injury at practice yesterday and will miss the 2016 season.

JESUS TAKE THE FIELD! Tim Tebow’s baseball workout went just fine.

COLLEGE BASKETBALL VIDEO GAME?? Okay, not really, but here’s the NCAA teams you can play as in NBA 2k17.

POOR RUTGERS. This isn’t how you prop up your school.

HACKEYZACH. Cleveland pitcher Zach McAllister caught a baseball off his leg.

IT WAS MEANT TO BE. After walking out to "Circle of Life," Yoenis Cespedes hit a home run toward a guy dressed as Simba.

FUNNY THOR. What Thor was up to during "Captain America: Civil War."