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The Mid-Morning Dump: Less Than a Month Away Edition!

In less than a month fans will begin packing the Jack!

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Iowa State Football

IT'S THE FINAL COUNTDOWN. Less than 30 days now until we find out the Cyclones' new entrance music!

WHAT TO WATCH FOR. Fall camp started yesterday, and if you're looking for some things to watch as camp progresses, Uncle Randy has you covered.

OR YOU CAN WATCH FOR YOURSELF. I hope they do this every day.

OR YOU CAN WATCH LIKE JARED. Jared Stansbury tells you what he'll be watching as the Cyclones hold their sole 'open to the media' practice today.

ETERNALLY OPTIMISTIC. Whether you call it Dissociative Reality Disorder or eternal optimism, Vegas CyClown calls it Cyclone fandom.

THIS LIST IS TRASH. Since the Associated Press decided to list the top college football programs of all time, everyone thinks they deserve a crack at it too. College Football News should probably just not.

Iowa State Basketball

SILENT ASSASSIN. The new and improved Matt Thomas had a breakout junior season and his confidence is through the roof as he and the rest of the Backcourt Big 3 enter their senior season.

AND IT'S HIS BIRTHDAY. All the best 3-point shooters were born in the last two weeks. Me, 3-sus and the Ice Man.

BIG VISITOR. Another 2017 recruit is headed to Ames for a visit this month as 4-star PF KeyShawn Feazell (all-name team) will make the trek from Mississippi on the 20th.

Around the Country

TIGER KILLED NIKE. Nike is getting out of the golf equipment business to 'focus on apparel and footwear.'

BECAUSE YOU NEED GOLF NEWS. Our friends at Cowboys Ride for Free interviewed professional golfer and Oklahoma State alumnus, Hunter Mahan. Pretty cool stuff.

OLYMPIC TOP 10. Here's 10 things you should focus on for the upcoming Olympics if you don't have the time to support Team USA in every sport at all times.

OLYMPIC CRUISE SHIP VILLAGE. The Olympic Village is a certified disaster, and Team USA Basketball always stayed elsewhere anyway, but this time they're lodging in true baller style.

RU$$ELL WE$TBROOK. Westbrook is staying in OKC and getting paid for the next few years. Could Blake Griffin be joining the freak point guard?

ANOTHER ONE. Cubs fans have to be loving their late game wild pitch heroics.

CATFISHED. Would you wait in a Chinese airport for 10 days for your internet girlfriend?