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The Mid-Morning Dump: Let's Get to Footballin'


Iowa State Football

PROCESS > PAST? Can Matt Campbell's devotion to process finally overcome one of Iowa State's biggest deficits: its lack of football history?

YOUNG MOVEMENT. Freshmen have been told they will play if they're the best player at their position.

INTERIOR RECRUITING. Two JUCO DTs will be visiting Ames this weekend.

FIRST DAY OF PRACTICE. Camp is open and CycloneFanatic's Jared Stansbury has some thoughts on yesterday's first split squad practice.

MANNING TALKS OFFENSE. Offensive coordinator and offensive line coach Tom Manning discusses the Iowa State offense.

JOHNNY W WITH A NEW CY.TV FEATURE. It's called Camp Sight and it's below:

MADDEN 17 ISU RATINGS. There are legitimate NFL contributors who came up through Iowa State, and Alex Halsted breaks down their ratings in this year's Madden over at 24/7 Sports.

Around the Country

NO SURPRISES HERE. Alabama takes the top spot in the first Coaches Poll of 2016. Iowa State is... not listed.

NEVER FEAR, THEY'RE IN HERE! CFB Analytics put out their first Ratings of the season along with SoS rankings. Spoiler alert: we're not last!

TEXAS TECH AND THE NEVER DO NOTHING DEFENSE. Why is Texas Tech so comically bad on defense?

I'LL HAVE THE IPA, PLEASE. Speaking of Texas, Katie Nolan takes Texas A&M to task for their sexist "chalk talk" with women. Stay for the end when the gentlemen get the treatment.

A-Z IN RIO. The Olympics A-Z and how to learn the terms that will define this year's Olympiad.

9 & 9. Nine athletes and nine sports to watch in Rio. I bet one is Michael Phelps!

I BET STUFF GETS SCREWED UP. The run up to the Rio games has been filled with mistakes and bad press, and here's a look back at how previous Olympic Opening Ceremonies faltered to give their best.

PHOTOS TO PASS THE DAY. When you get bored today just look at Sports Illustrated's gallery of previous Olympic photos.