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The Mid-Morning Dump - 8/8/16

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Iowa State Football

HALF MAN, HALF AMAZING. All the coaches are still in disbelief over Chase Allen’s quick recovery from being hit by a car.

RUNNING BACK ABUSE. Mike Warren talks about Louis Ayeni busting out the boxing gloves to teach ball security.

DOUBLE THE FUN. Iowa State got commitments from not one, but two JUCO DTs on Sunday.

MORE BIBBS, PLEASE. Alex Golesh talks about wanting more playmakers from his tight ends.

Iowa State Basketball

LOOKING GOOD. Chris Williams expects a favorable decision from four star forward Terrence Lewis on Tuesday.

Around The Country

EVERY APPLICANT, EVER. Tracking every school that’s ever been interested in joining the Big 12.

SHE’S KINDA GOOD. Katie Ledecky is so dominant, her races are just her against world records.

OUCH. Hunter Pence fouled a baseball off his own face.

RIO IS A WEIRD PLACE. No toilet fishing for you.

LET’S GET CUPPED. Michael Phelps isn’t suffering from burns, he’s getting cupped.

HMM... Orlando Pace thanked St. Louis, but the NFL cut that part out in their YouTube upload of his Hall of Fame speech.

NOBODY WATCHED THE OPENING CEREMONY. Friday’s opening ceremony was barely watched, probably because nobody had enough drugs to make it understandable.