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The Mid-Morning Dump: Big 12 is the Bachelor Edition

Approximately 12 schools got roses from Commissioner Bowlsby yesterday.

Iowa State Football

HYPE, HYPE, HYPE. Brent Blum’s annual hype column is here. Just in case you were having trouble getting up for Saturday.

MORE THAN A SURVIVOR. Mitchell Meyers wants to be more than just a cancer survivor, he wants to be a serious contributor to this football team.

MORE MEYERS. In case you can’t get enough of Meyers (like myself).

ADVANCE THE ANALYSIS. Kirk Haaland has a bunch of awesome charts and graphics to help you put perspective on just how bad ISU was in close games last season.

EDITS. The coaching staff is out here sending edits to ‘croots.

Iowa State Basketball

FINALLY. BIG 12 SCHEDULES. Big 12 schedules are dropping today for Men’s and Women’s basketball.

JAMEEL DEBUTS. Big game for Jameel McKay as he threw up 18 points, 10 boards and 4 helpers in his first preseason game with the Perth Wildcats (Australia).

Around the Country

BIG 12 DOESN’T DO MATH. Reportedly 6-8 schools made the cut in the first round of Big 12 expansion, yet there are maybe 12 schools claiming they made it.

BIG 12 GOING BIG 24. The Big 12 will meet with each school that passed the first round of cuts in Dallas this week.

THIS IS THE BEST WAY TO EXPLAIN IT. I’ll leave it to Max Olson.

RUN CMTREE. First, no idea why that’s not his nickname. Second, Michael Weinreb takes a look at McCaffrey’s obstacles to winning the Heisman Trophy.

2027 RECRUITING. No, seriously. 2027 recruiting. I keep looking for a satire tag. On the plus side, grade school mix tapes are cute.

BLOCKBUSTERS. Here’s a look at what it would take to trade an NBA superstar, and a fairly in-depth look at Georges Niang’s new club.

THERE IS FOOTBALL TONIGHT. Get the skinny on tonight’s happenings from the mothership.