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The Mid-Morning Dump - 9/12/16

Unfortunately, we can't just pretend the game didn't happen.

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Iowa State Football

CYHAWK BLOWOUT. New helmets, same Cyclones.

BIGGER THAN LANNING. Randy argues that Iowa State's problems are bigger than Joel Lanning. Well yeah, since the offensive line is 5 giant guys.

BUT IS PARK BUILDING A CASE? Is Jacob Park making the case to get his shot? Matt Campbell seems to be leaving that door open.

OR... PLAY THEM BOTH. That's Chris Williams' solution for the Lanning/Park issue.

WARREN STILL STRUGGLING. Mike Warren has struggled along with the line in front of him.

Around The Country

NOT EVEN BIG 12 REFS! MAC refs handed Central Michigan the win over Oklahoma State on a play that shouldn't have even been allowed to happen.

LARGEST CROWD IN HISTORY. How the game at Bristol between Tennessee and Virginia Tech came to be.

THE WORST SAFETY. You're not allowed to come out of your end zone with the ball, then take it back in.

DAMMIT TERRANCE. Terrance Williams says he knew what he was doing by staying in bounds, he just screwed up.

NOBODY LIKES REFS BUT... Punching one in the face is taking it too far.

HEY, TOM CAN'T DO THIS. Jimmy Garoppolo is throwing passes to himself in the absence of Tom Brady.

THIS SEEMS GRATUITOUS, BUT WHATEVER. Dmitri Payet isn't interested in regular assists.