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Matt Campbell Presser-Recap: Post-Iowa, Pre-TCU

Coach reminds fans that the ‘The Process’ takes time.

Northern Iowa v Iowa State Photo by David Purdy/Getty Images

Coach Matt Campbell sat down with the media on Monday after the Cyclones’ 42-3 loss against the east siders. He talked about the “process,” the quarterback controversy, and took a look ahead at our upcoming opponent, TCU.

Opening Comments

Campbell started off with a pick-yourself-off-the-ground platitude after the Iowa loss.

“Nobody is going to feel sorry for us,” Campbell said. “My greatest disappointment is our self-inflicted wounds we had. There is such great inconsistency there and that doesn’t allow us to compete against opponents like we played against last week.”

Those wounds came in the form of 10 hankies tossed to the ground, among them very correctable mistakes. Also, thus far in the season, Iowa State is MINUS-FOUR in the turnover department.

Back to Basics

“Even though we’ve been with these guys for eight months, we are still learning what our personnel is,” Campbell exclaimed. “It’s our job (as coaching staff) to put those kids in situations where they can be successful.”

Moving forward, all ISU football can do is worry about themselves. They have to teach the fundamentals the right way and learn the “process” that Campbell preaches.

It may not come in the form of wins, but this coaching staff wants to see progress on the field.

“As much as we worry about (our opponents) — we’ve got to address Iowa State,” Campbell said. “All you can do when it doesn’t go right — go back to your work ethic and fundamentals.”

Culture Change

Campbell talked a lot about changing the way people see things here at Iowa State, and the fact that the players and the coaching staff have to come to work every single day.

No days off.

“We’re trying to break that culture — woe is me,” said Campbell. “Our work ethic, and how we approach every day, that’s what gives us the right to be confident and go have success.”

QB Controversy

There are three things that Campbell wants to see in his quarterback play:

1. Knowing what the offensive scheme is trying to accomplish.

2. Consistency of throwing the football.

3. Ability to have great leadership.

Through the first two games, Joel Lanning has lacked both consistency and the ability to sustain drives with the offense.

“He (Joel) would probably like to have a few of those games back. Not only is he the QB, he’s the captain. He comes every day with a purpose, and would be the first one to tell you that he’s not happy where he’s at,” Campbell said.

Backup Jacob Park appears to have the better arm, but at this point, probably not a better understanding of the playbook, nor the backing of the locker room.

“Jacob needs to learn our system and know what our expectations are,” said Campbell.

It appears that this staff is behind Lanning, and feel his intangibles and leadership are too big to knock the guy off the starting block. Campbell made that point clear.

“I don’t even know if that is a question right now (who starts),” Campbell said. “As we go out to practice, Joel Lanning is our starting QB.”

TCU Up Next

TCU brings forth a dual-threat quarterback in Kenny Hill, and a much faster opponent than what this team has seen in the first two games.

“Tempo and speed — TCU likes to play at a really high rate, and their quarterback has the ability to make all the throws and just dangerous enough with his feet,” Campbell said.

So far the Horned Frogs have been gangbusters on the scoreboard — tallying 97 points in two games, and Hill has thrown for an average of 408 yards through the air.

Campbell said you can never have enough good defensive backs on your roster, and if there’s one area that ISU has enough talent and depth, it’s the defensive backfield. It’s good that Nigel Tribune is back, and D’Andre Payne has a game under his belt.

The Cyclones kick off at 11 a.m. in Fort Worth on Saturday.