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This Week In GIFs: Iowa

The abomination so bad, Iowa fans made a shirt about it.

Iowa State v Iowa
Iowa celebrated a lot on Saturday.
Photo by Matthew Holst/Getty Images

Sure, Iowa State looked bad last week, but this game is always unpredictable, right?

Matt VandeBerg can do no wrong today.

Iowa State pretty much insists on making the easiest things difficult.

While C.J. Beathard is getting bored of destroying Iowa State.

We were able to obtain some POV video of Iowa State attempting to run the ball.


Our collective thoughts at halftime.

Still trying to move the chains, still not working.

Joel Lanning’s accuracy on the day.

I honestly don’t know if anything is going to work today.

If you were expecting a bowl season, this is how you were feeling.

And now we get to deal with gloating Hawk fans.