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The Mid-Morning Dump: Already Recruiting for 2020

Coach Prohm is on such a roll, he may start recruiting your pets soon.

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Iowa State Football

GIVE US SOMETHING. Iowa State is a notably patient fan base, but it’s time to give the fans something to hold on to.

YOU DON’T KNOW ME. Nobody knows what the fate of the ISU and Matt Campbell relationship will be, so stop panicking after eight quarters.

STICK TOGETHER. If Iowa State is going to turn this around, it’s going to take a staff that sticks together. Matt Campbell has exactly that.

MIKE, MIKE, MIKE, MIKE MIIIIIIKE. Mike Warren wasn’t nearly as concerned about Matt Campbell’s postgame comments as the fans were, he sees it as a challenge from his head coach.

2 QB SYSTEM? New Ames Tribune Sports Editor, Travis Hines, thinks that a dual-QB system is worthy of consideration.

JAKE CAMPOS UPDATE. Iowa State could really use Jake Campos this year...and next, so how is the recovery process going and what’s in store for the future of the Cyclone offensive lineman?

Iowa State Basketball

ON TO 2018. Coach Prohm is having so much fun recruiting 2017 guys that he thought he’d send William Small to see 2018 forward target, Javian Fleming.

CLASS OF 2020? Coach Prohm is also looking for the next, next point guard of the future in 2020 PG Jalen Suggs.

Around the Country

ALL-WHITES RANKED. Iowa State finally rolled out the all-whites, but how did they stack up against the rest of the Big 12’s week two uniforms?

SPEAKING OF 2-QB SYSTEMS. Former Cyclone, Grant Rohach, went 3/9 with 3 sacks and 2 picks last weekend and will now be splitting time with Buffalo’s freshman phenom.

SPINELESS. Penn State continues to show support for Joe Paterno, and the rest of the country is still wondering why.

HARAMBE BACK. Online retailer, Fanatics, is now allowing you to get ‘Harambe’ on jerseys after mistakenly putting ‘Harambe’ on their banned words list.

CHIIIIIIIIEFS. Andy Reid doesn’t want to be boring anymore, and he certainly showed that in their miracle comeback against the Chargers Sunday.

BOOMER-BUCKEYE. In what may be the game of the weekend, Bill Connelly identifies three things that will decide the Big 12’s game of the week.

BIG 12 EXPANSION. Oklahoma President, David Boren, spoke yesterday and said we shouldn’t assume anything about Big 12 expansion, like, even that it may happen at all.

MOON ON THE LOOSE. This is the type of stuff you see in movies which make you say “that could never happen.”