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The Mid-Morning Dump: Do We Even Know Anymore?

The case of the missing recruiting classes and how bad will the TCU game be this weekend?

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Iowa State Football

WELCOME BACK, TROY. Troy Davis is returning to campus for the San Jose State game and sits down with Heartland College Sports to talk about it.

HOPING FOR IMPROVEMENT. This weekend marks the first of many where the Iowa State defense hopes to turn around their performance, but will do so against poor man's Johnny Manziel: Kenny Hill.

LOST CLASSES. The real reason for Iowa State's drought on the scoreboard and in the win column is because of lost recruiting classes.

TOP 10. is putting together a Top 10 of the month, which includes plays from all sports.

Iowa State Basketball

MADNESS! Hilton Madness returns this year on October 14th at 8 PM.

TIME ADJUSTMENTS. Iowa State's two games with Texas Tech this winter have already underwent time adjustments, and the TCU game will air on Fox Sports Southwest.

Around the Country

STOP, STOP, THEY'RE ALREADY DEAD. Cincinnati was leading Houston in the 4th quarter, then gave up a touchdown, and then OH MY GOD THEY THREW BACK TO BACK TAINTS AND LOST BY 24.

WATCH GRID. Here's how to watch Week 3 this weekend. Iowa State - TCU classifies as a "football game".

A HURRICANE IN CAROLINA. Miami is traveling to Boone, NC to play Appalachian State this weekend and here's how it happened.

BIG GAME IN NORMAN. Here are the three things to watch for when Ohio State travels to Norman to face Oklahoma on Saturday night.

LAMAR JACKSON: SUPERSTAR. Lamar Jackson went from a 3-star recruit to hurdling people like inanimate objects.

VALUING SPECIAL TEAMS. How do special teams account for points in advanced statistics?

WE CAN RELATE. What's the most chokingest team in NFL history (cover your eyes Vikings fans).

NO FUN LEAGUE. The Buffalo Bills are cracking down on all the fun things that happen in the tailgating lots.

FAKER FISHER. Jeff Fisher is a Ponzi scheme.

YEP, RACIST. An Iowa high school girls basketball team made a poster. It was a poor choice.