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Tailgate Preview: University of Northern Iowa

Get your tailgate pants on, it’s time to party!

Photo Credit: Cyclone Tents

Tailgating season is once again upon us! Before every home football game, WRNL will toss you a lovely bone called the “Tailgate Preview” containing weekly nuggets including weather, food, drinks, games and a weekly tune to make your tailgate the best it can be. And who doesn’t love a good tailgate?

We all know the first opponent of the year is the Pantherhawks, but we’re here to talk tailgating. Jawing about the game can wait a few more minutes. Let’s get to this tailgate preview and hit the ground running in week one!

Weather: Partly Cloudy and Cooler Than Normal

This is probably the best weather for an opening game we have had in awhile! Normally on the first weekend, we sweat more than a preteen boy on his first date. This weekend, we’ll get to enjoy a high of 77 degrees and partly cloudy with minimal rain chances.

Since it’s a night game, there’s plenty of time to enjoy your drinks (a little too much) and meet up with friends you haven’t seen in awhile. So get ready Cyclones and Pantherhawks, Saturday will be a great day!

Drink: Beer

Further on into the year we’ll get crazy with the drinks, but for the sake of the first tailgate, why not go simple? The best way to start out the season’s first tailgate is with an ice cold beer. Now that we’re coming off summer and working our way into fall, beer never tasted so good.

If it were us, we’d suggest an ice cold Natty Lite, but do what you want. If you want to drink apple juice we won't judge you. (Okay, maybe we will.) Either way, stick with light beer. That way, when your favorite tailgate chefs slam food down your throat, you’ll be able to push through the food coma and consume beer right up to kick off, because let’s face it, you may need it. Though I’m sure we won’t have to worry too much about that, as we’re always prepared. Especially you, hardcore WRNL readers. You know the drill.

Just a quick suggestion, if you have to walk to the tailgate lots, get a cooler on wheels. Carrying a large cooler will take away from your beer-drinking stamina, and you will sweat to the point you smell like Mangino’s socks. Enough said.

Food: Wings

Keeping it on the simple train for the food of the week, I suggest wings. Wings and football go together like peas and carrots — or even Jayhawk football and zero wins — but that's neither here nor there. They are also a great complement for your beer, which you should already have in your hand!

You can use any kind of sauce you want, but for this I decided that a simple buffalo wing would suffice. Easy to prep the night before and warm ’em back up on the grill. A disposable tin pan would make this adventure possible. Make sure to have plenty; these suckers always go quick!

Game: Beer Pong

Yes, BEER PONG! You can never go wrong with beer pong. It’s easy to set up and everyone can have a good time, even your mother who has no idea what the point of the game is. You’re already drinking beer, so why not play the game that goes hand in hand with it?

For those who don’t know the rules, here they are! Odds are, you’re going to repeat these quite often. Make sure you also bring plenty of cups. As the competition heats up, odds are you’re going to destroy a few or have to use them as substitute shot glasses!

If you want to make things interesting, make the losing team do a beer bong or even a shot! There’s no way this plan can go south.

Song: Super Bowl Shuffle

This is the Super Bowl — ‘nuff said.

If you want your tailgate photos, food or games featured in the coming weeks be sure to send them to me on Twitter @WRNLBuzzedCyclone. Also throughout the day Saturday, tweet me your tailgate photos! Let’s show the tailgate world who does it right!