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VOTE: Mike Warren’s New Nickname

Democracy is fun!

This week will be deciding upon the nickname of most popular ball-runner, Mike Warren.

But let’s first look back at the results of last week’s vote for Demond Tucker. There were a few more selections to pick from this time, and your indecision showed...except for one.

With an overwhelming (?) 26% of voters, Demond Tucker’s new nickname is The Dorm Fridge. Congratulations to Demond on having a kick-ass nickname! Now we just need him in on offensive goalline sets and the transformation will be complete. But I do need to let the masses know that there was one key detractor from the winning nickname, and it was Demond himself.

Demond doesn’t seem to be too fond of his new amazing nickname. He seems to favor "Tuck Dog" in this instance and that is fine. But we all know that you can’t give yourself nicknames. It just doesn’t work. Your nickname has to be bestowed upon you by the ones who love you. #cycONEnation loves you, Dorm Fridge. We love you!

Okay now that we have Demond’s nickname figured out, it is time for Mike Warren. If you need another refresher on the rules and submissions, click here.