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The Mid-Morning Dump - 9/20/16

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Iowa State Football

BREAKING DOWN TCU/ Here's Jeff Woody breaking down some TCU film for CF.

A CASE FOR LANRAM. Randy Peterson suggests platooning the QBs for a better shot to win.

"WE MIGHT WIN A GAME HERE AD THERE." Joel Lanning says it all about the current problems plaguing Iowa State football.

EARNING THE RIGHT TO WIN. Matt Campbell talks about getting to the win column.

Iowa State Basketball

MORE BIG FOUR. The Des Moines sorta-but-not-really tournament has been extended for two more years.

Around The Country

THE BIG 12 SUCKS. Not a single team in the Top 15.

HOW DOES NDSU STACK UP? How would the Bizon do in the Big 10?

MAGIC IS REAL! Jon Gruden loses his shit watching Eagles long snapper Jon Dorenbos do magic.

TEBOWMANIA IS THE WORST. And we thought it was over when he was out of football.

FAMILY FIRST. A triathlon runner lost the race just so he could help his brother across the finish line.

THAT DOESN'T WORK. This Rangers fan tried to use a cup as an umbrella.

THIS WAS AIR BUD 2, RIGHT? Dog is better at goalkeeping than his owner.