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The Mid-Morning Dump: Tinsley’s Number to be Retired Soon?

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Iowa State Football

PROGRESS THROUGH DEFEAT. Though the Cyclones lost last weekend, it was easy to see progress being made.

WELL THIS IS A NEAT STORY. Iowa State’s kickers reflect on the loss of kicking brethren Mike Sadler and Sam Foltz.

IS DEVON MOORE ISU’S QB OF THE FUTURE? All signs point to yes, as the ISU commit is rapidly becoming one of the best quarterbacks in the state.

Also there is some news here.

Iowa State Basketball

ISAIAH STOKES TO VISIT. Coach Prohm will welcome a host of four-star players to campus this weekend, including 4-star PF Isaiah Stokes.

This guy is visiting too.

Also, congrats to Jamaal Tinsley!

Around The Country

BOBBY PETRINO, REDUX. Though Petrino’s past is checkered with questionable moments and decisions, Louisville is winning, and he has remade himself as a person and coach.

NFL LANDSCAPING. Wait, no, that’s not it. But there is some information on fantasy football here.

POWER RANKINGS - CLAP, CLAP, CLAP CLAP CLAP. We have reached week 3 of the NFL season, meaning the time to arbitrarily rank NFL teams is now.

POOR FELLA. Sometimes you don’t have an umbrella, and sometimes you attempt to create a makeshift. Regardless, you get rained on.

MLB THINGS ARE STILL HAPPENING GUYS. Need proof? Check out this list of magic numbers and wild card standings as October nears.

GOOD HEAVENS. St. Louis University got a new mascot, and it’s quite terrifying.

WHATS WRONG WITH NUMBER 12? Since last season, something has been wrong with Aaron Rodgers. What is it?

THIS ARTICLE COULD HONESTLY BE TRUE. The folks over at the Onion have done it yet again.