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Gene Chizik to be Honored at Iowa State's Hall of Fame Weekend

Dan McCarney won't be the only former Cyclone coach recognized during the San Jose State game Saturday!

Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

When the Iowa State Daily reported yesterday that Dan McCarney, Jamaal Tinsley and Megan Taylor would return to Ames for the Hall of Fame induction ceremony, the list of inductees was not yet complete. In a statement released today, it was revealed the fourth and final member of the Hall of Fame class would be former head football coach, Gene Chizik.

While Chizik only amassed a 5-19 record at ISU before being whisked away to Auburn, where he bough--I mean landed prized recruit Cam Newton before winning a National Championship, Jamie Pollard still is insistent Chizik may be his greatest hire to date.

"I think if it really comes down to it, we just didn't give Gene enough time to firmly entrench in the pocketbooks of the great donors here at Iowa State," said Pollard. "Who knows what he could've accomplished if we had gotten him those duffle bags of cash he asked for to hand out on recruiting trips."

The announcement of Chizik's induction should come as no surprise, as Pollard recently sent out a recall on all remaining commemorative Chizik Coins in circulation, in order to melt them down to create the former coach's bust.

"It was really a win-win for us," said Pollard about the recall. "Yeah, of course we get to immortalize the face of the 22nd winningest coach in our program's history, but we also manage to keep people from clogging the meters in Ames when they try to use the coins for parking fare."