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The Mid-Morning Dump - Ames Builds an Ark

Torrential rains in Ames last night might lead to interesting tailgating tomorrow!

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Iowa State Football

PETERSON PREDICTS. Uncle Randy totally goes out on a limb and makes predictions for this weekend. Sacks! 100 yards rushing! It's all here!

BEST ON THE BENCH. Rumors are that Sean Foster is already one of the best offensive linemen on the roster, but is sitting on the bench as part of Matt Campbell's long term vision.

THE FAVORITE. Not a lot has gone Iowa State's way this season but they enter Saturday's game as a favorite.

HALL OF FAME MAC. Dan McCarney gets inducted into the ISU Hall of Fame this weekend and will be in attendance to hear his adoring fans.

VISITS GALORE. There will be visitors in town this weekend on what is one of the big recruiting weekends of the year. No word on if they're coming by boat or air.

Iowa State Athletics

6-2 PREP. Iowa State Volleyball will face TCU this weekend and their vaunted 6-2 system.

CHECKING IN WITH MEGAN. Megan Taylor is also one of this weekend's Hall of Fame inductees and Cyclone Sidebar catches up with her.

Around the Country

NDSU TAKEAWAYS. How did NDSU beat Iowa last weekend and what are some of the biggest takeaways from the program's biggest win?

WATCHABILITY. This week's college football TV schedule and watchability guide is up on the mothership.

FREE FOOTBALL. Texas A&M and Arkansas like to play overtimes. This weekend hopefully is no different..

WHYYYYYYYYYY. Football players have a bad habit of dropping the ball before the end zone. WHY?!

WE'RE USED TO THIS. The Texans were incompetent in New England last night. So very, very incompetent.