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The Mid-Morning Dump - 9/26/16

Sunday Sports Sadness: RIP Jose & Arnie.

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Iowa State Football

TALKING PLATOON. Joel Lanning talks about playing in a two QB system with Jacob Park.

BEST PLAYER PLAYED BEST. Kamari Cotton-Moya showed why he’s considered the leader of the defense in a great performance.

BET YOUR LIFE SAVINGS? Baylor comes in as only a 17 point favorite over Iowa State.

WHEN IT RAINS, IT POURS. Iowa State’s lack of defensive turnovers turned around in a big way on Saturday.

Iowa State Volleyball

FIVE SET SADNESS. TCU downed Iowa State in five sets over the weekend.

Around The Country

LES OUT. After LSU’s final would-be winning play was waved off in a game against Auburn, Les Miles and OC Cam Cameron were dumped.

AND HEY, IT’S THAT GUY! Ed Orgeron takes over as interim for like the 152768th time in his career.

KICKERS SHOW OUT. Whether it’s a fat kicker throwing hits, or Georgia’s kicker being a hipster, it was a kicking weekend.

ZEKING OUT. Ezekiel Elliott shows off the athleticism that made him the 4th overall pick.

KG: YOUR FAVORITE INSANE PERSON. Kevin Garnett was a great guy, but apparently also certifiably crazy.

TERRIBLE GOAL OR MATCH FIXING? This North Korean goalkeeper was so comically bad it had to be the latter, right?

:-(. Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez died in a boating accident on Sunday.

:-( x 2. Arnold Palmer also died on Sunday in Pittsburgh. Let’s remember better times with Arnie.