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The Mid-Morning Dump: Several Amazing Moments in Miami

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Iowa State Football

TREVER RYEN IS GOOD. In case you had forgotten, Trever Ryen is a good player, one ISU needs to utilize more often.

CAMPBELL PREVIEWS BEARS. Check out what CMC had to say about da ‘Bears.

WINNING = CHEST BUMPS. And Matt Campbell is ok with that. So long as they result from winning games.

UNCLE RANDY’S RAMBLINGS. Randy has some thoughts about defense and making special teams special again.

Iowa State Basketball

MONTE MORRIS PRESEASON ALL-AMERICAN. Monte Morris has been named a preseason second team All-American.

Also... New uniforms?

Around The Country

WELL DONE, MIAMI. The Miami Marlins honored former teammate Jose Fernandez in many ways last night, but the best was Dee Gordon hitting a leadoff home run, his first of the season.

Gordon had quite a night..

NFL POW’R RANKINGS. Where does your team sit? If you’re a Browns fan, you probably don’t need this article to figure that out.

MATT RYAN, USING HIS HEAD. Matt Ryan made a business decision during last night’s Monday night game.

UNITY CIRCLE? COOL. To celebrate the Monday night’s game being the 10 year anniversary of the Superdome reopening after Hurricane Katrina, the Saints and Falcons did something kind of cool.

FANTASY FOOTBALL HOT TAKES. No seriously guys, that’s the title of the article.

GREG HARDY. When this guy makes the news, it’s never for something good. Cocaine is a hell of a drug.

THIS SEEMS LIKE A PROBLEM. IS THIS A PROBLEM? According to Time Magazine, concussion diagnosis among teens is at an all-time high.

THINGS WE LEARNED FROM THE DEBATE: People only watched it to use Snapchat filters.