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The Mid-Morning Dump: Stampedes and Skunks

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Iowa State Football

TAKE IT AWAY! If they want to keep winning, the Iowa State defense is gonna have to keep forcing turnovers like they did against San Jose State.

JONES’N FOR MORE PT. Deshaunte Jones flashed his potential at wide receiver... Will he continue to produce the rest of the season?

HOLD ONTO THE BALL. Avoiding fumbles is what Mike Warren needs to do to take the next step.

AH, THE MEMS. Remember last year when Joel Lanning came in and led ISU to a moral victory against Baylor? Well, he’s looking for yet another breakthrough this season against the Bears.

MORE EXPERIENCE, MORE TACKLING. The offensive line is gaining more experience as the season goes on. Meanwhile, DC Jon Heacock is adjusting to less tackling at practice.

Iowa State Basketball

GEORGES UPDATE. Adjusting to life in the NBA is what the former ISU big man is currently up to.

Iowa State Rodeo

CYCLONE STAMPEDE. If you’re gonna be in town for the Baylor game, here’s another fun activity you can attend, courtesy of the Iowa State Rodeo Club.

Around the Country

‘MERICA V. EUROPE. The Ryder Cup is here, and here’s what you need to know.

HEART SKIPPED A BEAT. A Yankees fan pulled out a ring to propose to his girlfriend on the jumbotron, but then dropped the ring and lost it temporarily. Don’t worry, the story has a happy ending!

ONE WAY TO MOTIVATE. How do NBA coaches motivate their players? By stuffing cash in the ceiling of the locker room. (Take note, Fred.)

KNOCK KNOCK. This knock knock joke made by Giannis Antetokounmpo will either make you shake your head or burst into laughter.

SKUNKA-COLA. Here’s your daily do-gooder helping out a friend from the animal kingdom.