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David Boren Deletes Over 30K E-Mails Outlining His Interest In Big 12 Expansion

E-mails have possibly been stored on Bob Bowlsby’s private server.

Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The conference expansion plot has thickened once again. After once proudly proclaiming his interest in expanding the Big 12, David Boren has had yet another change of heart when it comes to adding teams to the conference. In an effort to hide the evidence detailing his previous interest, Boren has reportedly deleted over 30,000 e-mails from his personal e-mail account (

This last week, Boren acted as though conference expansion has never been on his mind.

“A conference without borders is no conference at all,” the Oklahoma University president told reporters while outlining his reasoning for not wanting to expand the conference.

Boren didn’t account for “cyber” getting a hold of his deleted e-mails.
Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images

His assertiveness didn’t prevent a heated exchanged with student reporter Ben Gassi from the Oklahoma Daily.

Gassi: You were in favor of expansion just last week. Why the change?

Boren: Not true, not true. In fact your statement is false.

Gassi: You were quoted in multi——

Boren: False. That statement is false (while interrupting the young reporter).

Gassi: The e-mails Mr. Boren. Where are the e-mails?

Boren: E-mails?! Maybe I’ll turn those over when you release your FAFSA application.

Gassi: FAFSA? Why wouldn’t I try and pay as little tuition as possible. That’s just me being smart.

A person with sources close to the situation said they think the e-mails have all been stored on Bob Bowlsby’s private server, but we could not confirm.

After some digging, we did find what is rumored to be one of the deleted e-mails written just this summer.


At Oklahoma we are fully on board with the move to expand. We will be a great league. A yuge league. We will do many good things, great things. It will be a wonderful league. Our conference will be made up of elite teams, very good teams and we will be the best conference in college football. The other conferences? Well their stamina just isn’t here. I don’t think they have the stamina to compete with us year in and year out. In fact, they really don’t have the stamina. Not like we do.

Boomer Sooner,

David “DB” Boren

The Oklahoma Daily has used the Freedom of Information Act to search through Boren’s university e-mail. Although Boren had deleted all of his university e-mails as well, he never emptied his trash folder. Unfortunately, there was nothing related to conference expansion. Though, apparently Boren thinks his wife’s pant suits are hideous, saying “would it kill you to wear a god damn skirt every once in awhile.”

Bowlsby knows there are schools interested, he just can’t remember their names.
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Commissioner Bowlsby avoided responding to whether the e-mails were stashed on his private server. He did say the decision to expand would ultimately be up to the universities and their administration teams. He said there were still several schools under consideration for expansion, although he couldn’t remember a single one.

“I guess I’m having an Aleppo moment,” Bowlsby later said.

Many experts around the country seem to think the race for the Big 12 is down to two parties, Houston and Cincinnati. Not everyone is on board with the two candidates though.

“All of these schools in Division I and we have narrowed it down to these two freaking candidates?” Monica Lew, a student at New Mexico, told the media.

Lew is still holding out hope along with dozens upon dozens of others around that country that her New Mexico Lobos will get a shot on the Big 12 stage.

We don’t like their chances.