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The Mid-Morning Dump: Who Wants to Win a Conference Game?

The calendar flips to October on Saturday and conference play heats up around the country!

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Iowa State Football

BE BULLISH. Chris Williams writes about five reasons to be bullish on Iowa State, which sounds great until you see Baylor trot out on the field Saturday.

GOING UP? Iowa State's offensive line is finally showing improvement after the same lineup has had time to gel over two games.

DO MORE FOR TROY. Uncle Randy believes that Iowa State can do more to honor Troy Davis than just giving him a replica plaque from the College Football Hall of Fame.

NOT DONE YET. Uncle Randy regales with how Baylor will probably suck in the future, but they don't suck yet.

OUCH. Ever wonder what a ruptured achilles looks like? Look no further (kind of gross/NSFW)!

Around the Country

BLUFF CALLED.heckler drained a putt for $100 at the Ryder Cup.

VIEWER'S GUIDE. The Ryder Cup is a fun time and will be on TV all weekend, so here's how you watch it when the football games get boring.

PRETTY TIED UP. The Cubs and Pirates played to a tie last night due to a storm in Pittsburgh, which resulted in the first MLB tie since 2005.

CANADA WON SOMETHING! And it was a hockey tournament!

MOVIN' TO THE CITY. The LSU coaching search is heating up and everyone seems to think it'll be Tom Herman. Frankly I'm disappointed that Charlie Weis isn't on the list.

OL BALL VOICEMAIL. The Ole Ball Coach left a voicemail for Dabo Swinney.

WATCHABILITY! Your Week 5 Watchability guide from the mothership.

BIG 12 GONNA BIG 12. Big 12 refs have to be extra vigilant in Stillwater tomorrow after they have had mishaps with both Texas and Oklahoma State in the past year.