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Matt Campbell Press Conference Recap: Post-UNI and Pre-Iowa

Coach Campbell sat down and talked about the Super Bowl last week, and Hate Week coming up!

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Coach Matt Campbell sat down with the media on Monday for his press conference leading up to the game against the Hawkeyes.

Campbell on CJ Beathard -€” "He fits them to a T, in terms of managing the game."

Yeah -€” because it's so hard to run an offense where you hand the ball off, followed by a play-action pass to your tight end in the flat.

Injuries and Suspensions

Campbell went on to talk about the injuries (there were too many on Saturday), and who will be back. One of those is starting right tackle Julian Good-Jones.

"He (Jones) should be able to help the offensive line," said Campbell. "What we did (in the UNI game) is put ourselves in tough situations for that offensive line to get exposed."

Yes you did, Coach -€”- every single time Mike Warren was 20 yards downfield, it was brought back by a penalty (there were five). Let's hope JGJ can turn things around.

Campbell also said that nickelback D'Andre Payne should be ready to go, as well as his backup Thadd Daniels. Both sat out the Super Bowl UNI game with injuries.

12 Percent Rule

Campbell and his manual talks about a 12-percent rule, where basically if 12% of your snaps end in bad plays -€”- well, then you get a slap on the wrist. Oh, and can lose to an FCS team as well.

"We were over 12 percent, when you're talking penalties, sacks, and negative yardage plays, (and) it's really hard to have success," Campbell said.

In other words,€” hopefully ISU improves on that after the Super Bowl debacle.


The Cyclones amassed a total of 9 penalties for 89 yards, and just about every one of them came in a crucial point in the game, killing multiple offensive drives.

"A little of that is coaching. A lot of that is ownership within our players, and we've got to do a great job understanding our process that it takes to be successful," Campbell said. "There's probably three or four of those that are just knucklehead penalties and whether that's laziness in technique, whether that's not getting aligned correctly, you can explain it a million different ways."

Yeah, Coach. It looked pretty bad when a random straggler ran on the field for a kickoff, only to be the 12th man on the field; followed by a kickoff out of bounds.


Rivalry against the Creators of ANAL

Campbell carries all the respect in the world for the trolls to the east.

"It didn't take me really long where that question (about the rivalry) was asked to me," said Campbell. "And then going into Hilton (for the CyHawk basketball game) and just the energy, emotion, and passion that travels throughout the state -€”- it's really special to be part of a rivalry like that."

"I've got a great deal of respect for their program, also know this is a great rivalry game, and it's something that we are lucky to be a part of."

God damn right -€”- it's Hate Week!