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The Mid-Morning Dump: Hate Week is Here

The holiday is over, and the hate is here!

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Iowa State Football

GET THE MAN THE BALL! Though it didn’t happen Saturday night, it appears that our coaches do understand the importance of giving Mike Warren the ball.

DON’T JUDGE THE O-LINE. ISU’s offensive line was not expected to be great, and on Saturday night it was terrible. Don’t give up on them, though...

SLOP CITY B****. Was the Cyclone’s sloppy play a cause for concern? Absolutely. Can it be fixed? Definitely.

PRESSING NOTES. Check out these notes from CMC’s Monday Press Conference.

CAN CAMPBELL CLIMB THE MOUNTAIN? Saturday’s game served as a reminder of where this football program is at, and just how much work it’ll take to turn it around.

IS THIS GOOD OR BAD? Matt Campbell hinted that backup QB Jacob Park could play at some point this season...

Iowa State Basketball

WELCOME TO AMES, DARIUS MCNIELL. Coach Prohm continues his recruiting hot streak, getting a commitment from highly sought after PG Darius McNiell.

STOKED ABOUT THIS VISIT. Four-star big man and top-60 prospect Isiah Stokes is set to visit ISU on September 24th.

Around The Country

BEATHARD SUSPENDED. In a shocking and bizarre turn of events, CJ Beathard has been suspended for the Iowa - ISU game for definitely legitimate reasons.

DEATH LINEUPS FOR EVERYONE. According to The Ringer, Golden State isn’t the only team who can trot out a so called “death lineup”.

SEC! SEC! SEC! SB Nation put together an absolutely delightful recap/ranking of the SEC’s 9 saddest performances from opening weekend.

BIG 12 EXPANSION WATCH! While we are ranking things, let’s take a look at how potential Big 12 expansion candidates fared this past weekend.

NO JAMEIS, NO PROBLEM. It appears that Florida State not only mounted a comeback for the ages, but that they’ve reloaded at the QB position as well.

TOP 25 DUMPSTER FIRE. After opening weekend, it is very clear that the AP knew exactly what they were doing with their preseason rankings.

WAIT WHAT? Alabama is hiring former USC coach Steve Sarkisian, this announcement coming on the heels of them DEMOLISHING USC earlier this weekend.

I’M SENSING ANOTHER SHUT OUT ISN’T IN THE CARDS. Texas knocked of number 10 Notre Dame behind the play of Tyrone Swoopes, who seems to have found his place at Texas.

BEHIND THE BRADFORD TRADE. Check out Peter King’s MMQB where he examines the Sam Bradford trade and dubs it “The Trade That Could Reshape the 2016 Season”.