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The Mid-Morning Dump: Ferentz Laughs All the Way to the Bank Edition

Iowa’s head man is making a lot more moolah.

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Iowa State Football

THE NOTEBOOK. The offensive line must improve and the defense must be ready to stop Iowa’s steady offensive approach, notes Jared Stansbury.

ENTERTAINING MATCHUP. It could be a preview of future NFL players when Iowa’s Desmond King matches up against Allen Lazard on Saturday.

GET HIM THE DAMN BALL. ISU’s focus on offense heading into week 2? Getting Mike Warren the ball more.

BEATING BEATHARD. Last year, the Cyclones didn’t know what to expect out of CJ Beathard. That’s not the case this year.

Around the Country

LIFETIME CONTRACT. Kirk Ferentz got a contract extension yesterday. That definitely won’t come back to bite Iowa in the butt in the future.

THE POLLS ARE OUT. Among those who made huge jumps in week 2 are Wisconsin and Texas, who went from unranked to 10 and 11 in the AP poll, respectfully.

SIGH OF RELIEF. Top basketball recruit DeAndre Ayton chose Arizona, which thankfully means he won’t go to Kansas.

SLEEPING GIANT. Shaka Smart will soon have a monster program at Texas.

WELL, THAT’S ONE WAY... To pull off an onside kick.

NICE AIM. Though it’s not what she wanted to do, watch this 8-year-old hit a drone with a golf ball.

STUFFED CURRY. A Filipino player blocked a Stephen Curry 3-pointer and now gets to go to Curry’s basketball camp.

THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT. Here’s the Honest Trailer for the horror movie many of you have probably seen.