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The Mid-Morning Dump: El Assico is Coming

College football’s greatest week two rivalry is just two days away.

Iowa State Football

BARELY AUDIBLE. Former Cyclones Zack Spears, Austen Arnaud, and Jeff Woody take a look at the UNI tape and dissect it in this week’s Barely Audible Podcast.

COACHING HISTORY. How have recent Iowa State coaches fared in their first CyHawk game and what can this weekend’s result tell us about the new Cyclones head man.

SERIES HISTORY. Brent Blum takes a look back at the 1998 Iowa State team that changed the trajectory of the Cy-Hawk rivalry.

TRIBUNE STILL SUSPENDED. Tribune won’t play, Park might play, and some injured guys are going to return.+

BOTTOM 25. Always nice to see Iowa State in the rankings, well, almost always.

Iowa State Basketball

MONTE MORRIS APPRECIATION TWEET. Two national basketball analysts had some appreciation for the Iowa State floor general.

Around the Country

WE’RE WINNERS! Here’s a nice look at some of the regional schools and what the value of their apparel deals are.

GO INSIDE HARBAUGH’S HEAD. Whether you love him or hate him, you can’t deny that the man is fascinating and his brain is probably worth an examination.

NFL HASHTAGS. Some are good, some are bad, and all come with emojis! The mothership ranks the hashtags from worst to first.

EL ASSICO. Shutdown Fullcast says week two is bad, like always, which is such beneficial timing for the greatest college football rivalry in the land!

GROUP OF 5 LOVE. Sure we know Houston is good, but what other non-power 5 programs could crash college football’s annual party?

MADE SOME MISTAKES? Art Briles is back making non-apologies, but at least saying ‘I’m sorry’ is a start?

BIG 12 EXPANSION UPDATE. Schools are making their second round pitches to the Big 12 brass this week, and UConn is going today.