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The Mid-Morning Dump - Hate Week is Coming to an End

Only one more day until Hate Week concludes and we all move on to another thrashing at the hands of TCU.

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Iowa State Football

RANDY REMEMBERS. The 1998 upset in Iowa City has a very similar feel to this year's game and Randy Peterson takes us down memory lane.

CAMPBELL AVOIDING HISTORY. A Matt Campbell led team has never rushed for less than 100 yards in back-to-back games and a great game on the ground is going to be needed this weekend to keep that streak alive.

AN UNLIKELY SOURCE. When Jamie Pollard was searching for a new head coach he fielded a call from Bret Bielma, who recommended Campbell for the head coaching gig in Ames.

CORDARRIUS COME ON DOWWWWN. Future LEO Cordarrius Baily committed to the Cyclones yesterday and is another example of the talent infusion that Campbell and company are bringing to Ames.

BUTLER GOING BONKERS. Hakeem Butler showed up last week with a touchdown catch on his first ever collegiate catch, and he has no plans of stopping there.

Iowa State Athletics

LARDY, LARDY, LARDY. The enigma that is Cameron Lard's eligibility gets murkier as he appeals to the NCAA.

TENNIS TO THE FUTURE. Iowa State is going to open a tennis only indoor facility next to the Sukup Basketball Facility!

TOOTHLESS? MAYBE? Iowa State's Government of the Student Body Senate passed a resolution opposing BYU's inclusion in the Big 12 due to its honor code.

Around the Country

NFL BROADCAST PRIMER. Want to know who's airing the Super Bowl this year? Or what announcers you're likely to get week-to-week? Then look no further!

WEEK 1 MAP. Here's this week's coverage map for the NFL's Week 1 games. Spoiler: The Cowboys are playing Sunday afternoon.

SIT/START. It's also fantasy football season so here's some advice on who to sit and start this weekend.

SIEMIAN WAS A SURPRISE. I told a friend that I didn't buy Trevor Siemian long term, and while I still don't, he sure looked impressive in Denver's victory last night.

YOU BE THE JUDGE. Were the Broncos targeting Cam Newton's head last night?

NASCAR FOOTBALL. Bristol Motor Speedway is hosting Tennessee and Virginia Tech tomorrow night. How? Why? What?

HOW HOUSTON BEAT OU.great breakdown on the latest Big Game Bob meltdown.

FSU COVERS AND THEN SOME. Florida State's FCS opponent, Charleston Southern, suspended 30 players for this weekend's game after a snafu with how their book stipends were spent.