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The Mid-Morning Dump: Morris and Thomas Going for the Stillwater Sweep

Iowa State has won in Stillwater the last three years and tonight’s game could make it four in a row.

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Iowa State Athletics

STICKIN’ AROUND. Iowa State has extended Jamie Pollard’s contract through 2024.

UNDERTAKING UNDERWOOD. ISU’s opponent tonight, Oklahoma State, is already undergoing a culture change under its new head coach.

PREPARING FOR OSU. Steve Prohm reminisces about talking to Coach Underwood when they were both at the mid-major level.

STILLWATER SWEEP. Monte Morris and Matt Thomas can pull off the extremely rare feat of never losing a game in Gallagher-Iba Arena.

GOODBYE HOIBALL. RevDizz wrote this article last week, CW wrote this one Monday, and Brent Blum wrote this one yesterday to make everyone fully aware that this year’s team isn’t playing Hoiball.

‘CROOTIN BIG BOARD. Get caught up on where the Cyclones’ football recruiting efforts are still being targeted.

Around the Country

MOCK DRAFT. With the playoffs decided, we’re now officially in NFL mock draft season. Here’s one from SB Nation if you want to see who your team might take.

CURRY POSTERIZED. I can only imagine CYHusker, local Steph Curry hater, enjoyed this James Johnson dunk.

THAT’S COLD. Dwight Howard pulled the ol’ fake-out on Jeremy Lin.

AT A CROSSROADS. NASCAR ratings and attendance are down and that’s not a good sign for the future of racing.

BOTTLE FINDER. Have you ever found a message in a bottle? How about 83?