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The Mid-Morning Dump: Monte is a Man!

So much for defense last night. Scoring is more fun.

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Iowa State Basketball

CAREER HIGH! Monte Morris drops a career high 30 points en route to a 8th straight victory over Oklahoma State.

BIG GAME TAE. Monte Morris is starting to take control of this team and play like the Big 12 Player of the Year candidate we need.

ICYMI. For those who went to bed after the game you can check out our game recap here.

CAMPGROUND. Hilton is currently a campground in anticipation for the Kansas game on Monday.

LARD IN UNIFORM. We got the man a uniform.

TWISTER SISTERS FALL. Iowa State women fail to gain a big marquee win again last night.

Around The Country

CHARGERS ON THE MOVE. The San Diego Chargers are expected to announce later this week they will be moving to Los Angeles.

SMALL STADIUM. The Chargers should have no problem filling up a stadium in L.A. They plan to play in a 30,000 seat stadium for two years.

PICKS ARE IN! Need help with your divisional picks? USA Today picks this weekend’s games for you!

BRONCOS ROLL THE DICE. Vance Joseph was hired by the Denver Broncos, and some people believe they are taking a risk.

MOCK DRAFT. It’s mock draft season folks, here is one to curb your hunger for a bit.

TRIPLE DUB. Russell Westbrook has been a man on a mission this season.

PRACTICE? Cavaliers were routed, now they say they need more practice.