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The Mid-Morning Dump: Iowa Fans Stay Home

Iowa fans missed the upset last night because of the incoming ice storm.


Iowa State Athletics

MONTE IS BALLIN. Monte Morris is putting up some big time numbers so far in the Big 12 campaign.

PUPPETEER. Brad Underwood thought Monte made them look like a bunch of puppets on Wednesday night.

SOUND THE SIRENS! Matt Campbell and company landed another explosive defensive tackle last night.

BIG BLUE TO CARDINAL AND GOLD? A grad transfer lineman from Michigan who can play defense and offense is visiting Iowa State this weekend.

ANOTHER VISITOR. Iowa State will also host a 3-star corner from Florida.

SAGE TALKS CYCLONES. Sage Rosenfels sat down with Heartland College Sports to talk all things Cyclones.

Around The Country

YOUNGEST IN DA LEAGUE. Sean McVay became the youngest coach in the NFL after being hired the Los Angeles Rams.

L.A. CHARGERS. The Internet went full savage mode after the Chargers revealed their new logo.

RAIDERS ON THE MOVE TOO? The Raiders apparently have a big time backer in their quest to move to Las Vegas.

HAWK FANS SCATTER. Fans stayed home from Iowa’s upset last night to prepare for the incoming winter storm.

SPEAKING OF STORM. Hope you have your ice skates ready if you live in Iowa.

NO CHIP KELLY HERE! Cal has reportedly offered Wisconsin’s defensive coordinator Justin Wilcox.

STOP IN THE NAME OF THE LAW! KXNO had a caller this morning get pulled over as he was calling in. So it brought back memories for them.

NBA IN MEXICO? Mark Cuban would support an NBA team in Mexico.

DETROIT ISN’T THE WORST! According to their hometown paper, there are more cities worse than Detroit at sports.