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The Mid-Morning Dump: Inauguration Day and MAD FRAN EXPLODES

We welcome our new President today.

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Iowa State Athletics

LARD GETTING READY. Cameron Lard is focused on getting ready for next year.

ESPN BRACKET PREDICTION. ESPN has predicted where the Cyclones will land in the NCAA Tournament. It is quite favorable.

GRAD TRANSFER U? Matt Campbell is hosting another graduate transfer offensive lineman that could have an immediate impact.

UPGRADE! Kene Nwangwu welcomes the incoming commits.

TICK TOCK! Time is running out to turnaround the Cyclone wrestling program.

Around The Country

INAUGURATION DAY. History is happening today.

SOMEONE GET FRAN A CHILL PILL. Fran’s actions are starting to get kind of embarrassing.

NBA ALL STARS. The NBA announced the starters for the All Star game last night. One Hoibull is starting.

WESTBROOK LEFT OFF. Many are left wondering why Russell Westbrook is not starting. Especially with stats like this:

EARLY RETIREMENT. The Ravens’ top linebacker is retiring from the NFL at the age of 24.

DISCLOSE YOUR INJURIES!!! The Seahawks are in jeopardy of losing a second round pick for not disclosing Richard Sherman’s knee injury.

WHO YOU GOT? USA Today picks this weekend’s championship games. Who do you have winning?

CAN SPORTS BRING US TOGETHER? The Chicago Tribune says not to bet on sports bringing us all together.

YOUR CONFERENCE IS NOTHING! Mike Leach goes on a tirade about the SEC offensive schemes.