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The Mid-Morning Dump - Seniors Finally Win In Norman

Attendance was not 1.5 million.


Iowa State Athletics

HAD TO WIN ONE SOONER OR LATER. Iowa State finally played with some grit in overcoming a massive deficit and defeating Oklahoma in Norman.

MAKING THE MOST OF A SECOND CHANCE. Merrill Holden responded well to his benching by contributing heavily in the win.

IN THE LEAD FOR KEONTAE. Jared Stansbury reports that Iowa State is in the lead for Cincinnati area safety Keontae Jones.

BIG BIG WIN. The ladies knocked off #22 Kansas State at Hilton on Saturday.

Around The Country

THE TIMING! Wilson tweeted out a picture of deflated footballs for the Super Bowl.

BRADY’S COAT. Think about how much booze you could sneak into Jack Trice with Tom Brady’s coat!

WHERE CAN BELICHICK NOT FIND TALENT? Chris Hogan had more yards yesterday than during his entire college football career.

TROLLSTARS. The Dallas Stars had attendance of 1.5 million on Saturday night!

STRAIGHT FOREST GUMPED. Tevin Coleman ran into the tunnel and gave a random guy a high five after a touchdown.

DANCE AWAY, MARTELLUS! The New England tight end waited nine years to get to the Super Bowl. He danced to Whitney Houston to celebrate.

SUPER REDEMPTION BOWL? After a lackluster regular season and playoffs, the Super Bowl should be a good one.