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We Still Booze 2.19: Vanderbilt Beat Reporter Adam Sparks

Preview of ISU-Vandy and Big 12/SEC Challenge

NCAA Basketball: Iowa State at Texas A&M Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

In preparation for the Iowa State/Vanderbilt tilt on Saturday we brought Adam Sparks from The Tennessean on the podcast to discuss the Commodores, Big 12/SEC Challenge and what to eat and drink in Nashville.

We’ve all seen games at Vanderbilt on television and wondered why it looked so funny. Adam took the time to explain the "ground rules," if you will, of the court and where we can expect Prohm to call his infamous time-outs from. Also, if you see first or second row tickets for sale you may want to pass them on unless you enjoy checking out sneakers.

Vanderbilt has struggled to close out games with poor rebounding and stagnant offense. Sound familiar? Adam explains his thoughts on their close losses and how that plays into the game plan for Iowa State on Saturday.

Live by the three and die by the three. If there has ever been a team that fits that motto, it might be this year's Vanderbilt team. As the team has transitioned from a catch and shoot team to a dribble drive team under Bryce Drew, they are still relying on three point baskets to put points on the board. According to Sparks, the Commodores have scored more points from behind the three point line than inside it.

Bryce Drew would prefer to play man-to-man defense, but has been forced to play zone at time for a variety of reasons. Adam says the reviews have been a mixed bag and it is a potential area that Iowa State may be able to expose.

If you are going to Nashville, Adam has some food recommendations for you toward the end of the podcast. You won’t want to miss out on some Hattie B’s hot chicken.

Food Network

We discussed the odd timing of the Big 12/SEC Challenge and how the SEC is still Kentucky and everyone else. Could they be improving with prominent coaches coming to the league? Not yet anyway, says Adam.