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The Mid-Morning Dump: Yesterday’s Bowl Games Didn’t Disappoint

January bowls!!!!

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Iowa State Athletics

THOMAS MISSES FIRST PRACTICE EVER. Though that may not be 100% accurate, Matty Ice didn’t practice Sunday, but is expected to play tomorrow night.

STEVE PROHM TALKS BAYLOR. And the four guard lineup we are all wondering if we’ll see against the Bears.

ABOUT THAT SMALL LINEUP... Prohm still understands the importance of getting good, consistent play from his post players.

BETTER THAN THE AVERAGE BEARS. Not only is this Baylor team on a roll, but their size presents a bit of a match-up nightmare for the Cyclones.

HEATHER PUTS BOWE ON STARTING SPOT. The graduate transfer forward is making the most of her final season in earning a starting spot.

Around The Country

STILL THE GRANDDADDY OF THEM ALL. What more needs to be said about last night’s thrilling Rose Bowl Game?

1 GAME, 10 BONKERS PLAYS. Ranked from 1-10. And there were probably another five that could have made this list.

BOB STOOPS HATES THE SEC. And last night he did something about it, as his Sooners dominated the Auburn Tigers in the Sugar Bowl.

BOOMER SOONER X 1000. Why do they keep track of this again?

THE JOE MIXON SHOW. That’s pretty much what last night was, in more ways than one. Check out this interesting chant from Auburn fans.

BRENT SALTBURGER. Brent Musburger called Joe Mixon “one of the best” and wished him luck at the next level. It wasn’t long before he ended up having to explain himself on national television.

BIG 12 DOESN’T PLAY DEFENSE!!! Someone needs to tackle all the Big 12 narratives after this bowl season.

LANE KIFFIN OUT AT BAMA. Kiffin was fired the week before Alabama is set to play in the National Championship Game.

WHICH LANE KIFFIN SITUATION IS THE STRANGEST? This is the fourth time he’s left a job under rather bizarre circumstances.

RETURN OF THE MOCK. Now that bowl season is nearly over, it’s time for the return of mock drafts.