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The Mid-Morning Dump: Monte Is The New King

Shocker: Athletes are not pleased about Trump’s travel ban.


Iowa State Athletics

MONTE’S RECORD. Cyclone Sidebar takes a deeper look at Monte Morris, the man who now owns Iowa State’s assist record.

SAME OLD STORY. Iowa State’s frustrating lack of consistency took hold in Nashville.

SICHTERMANS ALL OVER. Incoming recruit Dan Sichterman talks about being in a family of athletes.

Around The Country

NHL PLAYERS ARE FUNNY PEOPLE. Mic’d up at the NHL All-Star skills competition.

KERR SPEAKS OUT. Steve Kerr, a man who has been personally affected by terrorism, takes down Trump’s travel ban.

AMERICANS CAN’T GO BACK TO WORK. Two basketball players will not be allowed to finish their seasons playing in Iran due to a retaliatory travel ban.

MEANWHILE IN THE NBA... Thon Maker did end up being allowed to come to the US as the NBA asks the State Department for clarification.

ATHLETES EVERYWHERE SPEAK OUT. Maybe the harshest critic of the executive order was Michael Bradley, as athletes from every sport talk about it.

A FUN IDIOT FAN! A kid ran onto the Pro Bowl field, but everyone had a really good time with it.

HARSH. Chandler Parsons didn’t like the Trailblazers making fun of his airball and started a feud that CJ McCollum took to the next level.

SALTBAE TD. Travis Kelce is the new memelord of the NFL after this celebration.

SUMOBJ. Odell Beckham fields and returns a punt... in a sumo suit.

INSANITY X 2. The X Games featured one ridiculous trick followed by another that had never been pulled off before.