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The Mid-Morning Dump: West Virginia Invades Hilton

WVU is in town tonight, should be a fun time!

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Iowa State Athletics

GAME PREVIEW. We got you covered with a game preview for ISU/WVU.

BIG WEEK. Prohm and the boys are on the verge of the biggest week of the season.

TIME TO STAY CALM! Iowa State is going to have to keep its composure if they are going to take down WVU.

BOB COUSY TOP TEN. Monte Morris landed on the Bob Cousy top ten, the award is given to the nation’s top point guard.

RECRUITING IS COMING TOGETHER! The 2016 class is buttoning up and finally coming to a close.

Around The Country

WHAT IN THE WORLD KANSAS! Bad things are happening to Kansas basketball players. Two are set to miss some time.

SOONERS BOOMED. Oklahoma State took down Oklahoma last night.

MORE MONDAY ISSUES. Another Monday night and another Grayson Allen issue.

WHAT A DIFFERENCE A YEAR MAKES. These NCAA basketball coaches are making the most of their new jobs.

SUPER BOWL MEDIA DAY. Tom Brady got emotional talking about his dad yesterday. Here are some more tidbits from the Patriots media day.

NO MORE VEGAS? The Raiders’ move to Las Vegas is now in doubt after one of the main investors backed out of the stadium deal.

JOHN LYNCH THE GM! John Lynch is only going to be as successful as the 49ers allow him to be.

CHEATER CHEATER! The Cardinals were handed down their punishment for hacking the Astros’ computers.