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Drop The “Fire Prohm For Hoiberg” Idea

It’s time to let go of Fred Hoiberg. Steve Prohm is here to stay.

Iowa State v Virginia Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Fred Hoiberg is always going to be a fan favorite. He’s always going to be the guy that epitomizes what Iowa State basketball was or is now.

But if one thing is certain, he won’t be walking out of the tunnel as the Iowa State men’s basketball head coach anytime soon. So as fans, it is time to drop the “Fire Prohm for Hoiberg” act.

On Friday, Marc Stein released some news that Fred Hoiberg was on the hottest seat in the NBA. Anyone who pays attention to the NBA knew this was going to be the case all along as long as the Bulls’ front office staff kept their jobs. Let’s face it, the Chicago Bulls front office is essentially ran by a bunch of clowns.

If you are new to the NBA scene the Bulls front office is lead by Vice President of Basketball Operations John Paxson and General Manager and former Iowa State assistant Gar Forman. When the duo took over, the Bulls quickly ascended to the top of the Eastern Conference and Forman even received “Executive of the Year” for the Eastern Conference. Their success quickly and they managed to run Tom Thibodeau out of town, which led to Fred Hoiberg being hired as the head coach. Instead of getting players that fit Hoiberg’s space the floor and shoot from outside style, they brought in guys like Dwyane Wade and Rajon Rondo this offseason. Those guys have had success in the NBA before, but don't fit the style of play Hoiberg wants to run.

Iowa State, which Hoiberg left for the Bulls, is coming off a Sweet Sixteen appearance and a 9-3 start to this season, but there still are some fans who are stuck on the stuck previous coaching staff. They’ve hardly allowed Steve Prohm the time to find Superdog on Welch Ave.

A few examples...


or even this one, which is not Hoiberg related but it still points toward Prohm.

We have all heard the phrases, “Prohm won with Hoiberg’s players” or “Prohm wouldn’t have done anything without Niang.” Those could end up being true, but if I remember correctly, Fred Hoiberg wasn’t the coach last year. Fred Hoiberg didn’t make a tough decision to sit Jameel Mckay when his attitude became toxic for the team. Fred Hoiberg was nowhere close when the games were even being played.

Iowa State has the opportunity to bring in the best recruiting class this basketball program has ever seen in 2017. Something Hoiberg let us all know from the get go when he was head coach was that recruiting wasn’t his favorite thing to do. Steve Prohm, on the other hand, appears to have the opposite attitude thus far.

To this date, Prohm has a 32-15 record with Iowa State as well as the previously mentioned Sweet Sixteen appearance. The Sweet Sixteen, as I’ll remind you, has ONLY been reached a total of six times in our school’s history.

All of that and it seems Prohm’s still not good enough for some fans, because he’s not Fred Hoiberg. Iowa State doesn’t have the Final Four runs like Duke or North Carolina. It doesn’t have the championship trophies that Kansas or even Michigan State have. Bringing back Fred Hoiberg is not going to make the challenge of achieving those tasks any easier.

It’s time to drop the act. The Mayor isn’t walking through the doors of Hilton Coliseum as head coach any time soon. Steve Prohm is our coach. Give him the chance he deserves and let’s enjoy some basketball.