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The Mid-Morning Dump: Hey, Texas Tech Might Be Pretty Good?

Also, Big 12 refs strike again!

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Iowa State Basketball

ENDING THE SKID. Iowa State has performed less than well against Baylor recently, and are figuring out how to change that.

LOWER THE FLOOR. Travis Hines says the Cyclones don’t have to be amazing, but they do have to avoid the stretches of awful that have plagued them.

A MORE AGGRESSIVE MONTE. Steve Prohm warns us to watch out for a much more aggressive point guard on the court.

Iowa State Football

HYPE HYPE HYPE. Randy Peterson writes that with a few changes, Iowa State could be heading to a 2017 bowl game.

Around The Country

BLATANT, UNLESS KANSAS. Kansas blatantly traveled to win the game on a buzzerbeater against Kansas State.

TEXAS TECH IS LEGIT. Maybe Iowa State fans should feel better about last Friday’s poor first half after Texas Tech beat #7 West Virginia in OT.

HOCKEY PLAYERS ALMOST CRY TOO. Shea Weber thinks Nashville’s arena got a little dusty in his return to the city after being traded in the offseason.

ADORABLE STARTING LINEUP ALERT. Here are your Puppy Bowl rosters.

HEY, MOST IOWA STATE FANS ALSO DON’T LIKE ROY! Brad Brownell didn’t take kindly to a UNC player taunting his bench, so he let Roy Williams know.

OF COURSE. NFL-bound Pat Mahomes dropped the nugget that Mack Brown once recruited him as a safety.

THAT’S A GOOD DUNK. Clark Atlanta’s Derek Harper might be the current leader for dunk of the year for this gem.

CLAEYS OUT. Minnesota dismissed head coach Tracy Claeys yesterday, mostly for his tweet supporting his players’ boycott.