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We Still Booze 2.17: Heartbreak in Waco

Are the end of game issues facing this team correctable?

NCAA Basketball: Iowa State at Baylor Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Wednesday’s game against Baylor was encouraging for a lot reasons. The final result though was a heartbreaking loss and a missed opportunity to stay atop the Big 12 conference standings and earn a marquee win for Iowa State’s resume.

The four horsemen, Austin, Matt, Kevin and Matthias joined the podcast to discuss their thoughts on several key topics surround the Cyclones.

Matt explained why he thought Deonte Burton was the MVP for Iowa State Wednesday night in Waco.

Kevin discussed who he would have started (FROM THIS YEAR’S TEAM) after halftime against Baylor.

Matthias explained why TCU is poised to end Kansas’ run of Big 12 Championships. Just kidding, but he did give his thoughts as to whether anyone would challenge the Jayhawks this year.

Together we discussed the inability to put the ball in the hoop (which it turns out is a pretty big deal) for this team at the end of ball games. Do we need to fire Prohm or do the players need to sweat more and try harder?

We went back to discuss Matt’s man crush and everyone else’s public enemy #1, Deonte Burton. We think he should try more of those slam dunks and less of those missed layups.

Kevin noticed some concerning trends in Monte Morris’ shooting numbers against quality opponents. Should his focus return to being more of a distributor?

The crew took a look at Iowa State’s resume at this point in the year. How does is stack up and what do they need to do to improve it? Spoiler: they need to win more and lose less.

We started the hype train on Cameron Lard as he is set to arrive on campus this weekend. Kevin was kind of buzzkill as he isn’t entirely convinced the kid is a real person. Where does Lard rank among fictitious recruits like Emmanuel Malou, Norvel Pelle and Ivan Chiriaev?

Finally, three of us gave our rational predictions for Saturday and the rest of the season while Matthias chugged a gallon of kool-aid and followed up with his. Will Iowa State ever lose a basketball game again?!

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