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The Mid-Morning Dump: USA USA USA!


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Iowa State Athletics

THOMAS HAS SPURS. Matt Thomas will be playing through bone spurs, which could explain his lack of scoring as of late.

LARD IS GOOD. Not for your heart of course, but Iowa State. Cameron Lard will be in town this weekend and officially on the team.

READY FOR YEAR TWO. Matt Campbell is motivated and ready to take on year two at Iowa State.

LET’S GET TROPICAL! Desmond Tucker has been invited to participate in the Tropical Bowl with other seniors trying their hand at the NFL.


REDSHIRT UPDATE. Alex Halsted sat down with Matt Campbell and discussed some redshirt freshman that can make an impact next season.

Around The Country

ICE UP! Steve Smith officially retires from the NFL with this glorious letter to Commissioner Roger Goodell.

PLAYOFFS?! Wild Card weekend is upon us. Here are some picks.

GOPHERS ROWING! PJ Fleck has officially agreed to become the next Head Coach at the University of Minnesota.

JOE MIXON. Much publicized running back Joe Mixon has told Oklahoma that he will be entering the 2017 NFL Draft.

IOWAN ON THE MOVE! Lebron James and the Cavaliers just acquired another outside threat in Kyle Korver.

PATS WON’T WIN THE SUPER BOWL! Here are some reasons on why favorite New England won’t win the Super Bowl.

NHL IN CHINA? Apparently the NHL is eyeing some games that could be played in China.

USA USA USA! Last night in the World Junior Hockey Championship the United States took down rival Canada to win gold, and they had some fun afterwards.