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The Mid-Morning Dump: Small Ball Works?

Also, a Texan is unimpressed with our Mexican food.


Iowa State Athletics

BOWENS IN. Defensive back Richard Bowens III signed his letter of intent with Iowa State today.

EMBRACING SMALL BALL. Travis Hines writes that the Cyclones are finally figuring out their best lineup.

KANTRAIL! The KU killer talks to Rob Gray about the good ol’ days as well as what he’s doing now. Really great read.

GROOVIN’. Chris Williams writes that Iowa State is hitting a good groove at the right time.

LADIES CRUISE. Holding KU to 33.9 shooting, the womens’ team won by 29 points on Sunday afternoon.

Around The Country

BWG VISITS THE TUNDRA. Our Texan friend BitterWhiteGuy came to Ames and had a plethora of things to say about the experience.

MORE OF A GAME THIS YEAR? Will Clemson be a bigger challenge for Alabama in 2017?

JOEY PORTER: STILL ANGRY. The combustible former Steeler star and current linebacker coach was arrested after winning a playoff game against the Dolphins.

THIS HURTS ME ON THE INSIDE. Jonathan Toews had to pay up on his World Juniors bet with Patrick Kane.

NOT. EVEN. CLOSE. The Dolphins tried to time the Steelers’ snap. It didn’t work.

DID HE? Grayson Allen may have tried to trip yet another player. Seems like that indefinite one game suspension paid off!

BIG AIR AWWWWW. When teaching your kids to ski, it’s best for them to avoid the biggest jumps.

THEY FOUND OUT THE SAME WAY YOU DID. Cal football players only heard they didn’t have a football coach when they checked Twitter.